Sao Martinho Do Porto is a beautiful picturesque horseshoe shaped bay on the Silver Coast of Portugal.  It is a lovely holiday destination for families, couples, and small groups.  This small seaside town has everything you would want for both summer and winter holidays.    There are a variety of restaurants, cafe's and bars to suit everyong.  it is a  holiday resort which is especially popular with the Portuguese - and if you dare to enter those backstreet  old style restaurants you will be amazed by the gorgeous freshly prepared food, nearly always guaranteed to please both the palette and your pocket. 

 There are lots of beaches all close by which gives you lots of choice of of local water sport activities like surfing, windsurfing, canoeing and sailing, you can also rent bicycles and Portugal is walker friendly so you might want your hiking boots for treks through the eucalyptus and pine forests.   Its also brilliant for bird watching, where eagles dare! 

As well as the beautiful bay of Sao Martinho there are many other gorgeous sandy beaches that are worth a trip, just 10 mins drive north you have Nazare which is a larger busier seaside town, it hosts a locally famous market at least once a month which is huge and great fun, it also has a tram like train that takes you up a mountain to its little cousin town O Sitio up on the mountain.

 10 mins south on the coast road through Salir do Porto takes you to Foz Do Arelho, which is on the edge of the famous Obidos Lagoa - this is a must visit location, the actual village itself is gorgeous and has lots of lovely cafe's and an internet cafe.   Another 10 minutes inland takes you to the larger busier town of Caldas Da Rainha - if you want shops, bowling, cinema,  bull fights (its the matadors (tornadas) who get it in Portugal  - not the bulls!).  It has a beautiful park close by the town centre which has a daily fruit and veg market.   The park has a lake with swans and boat hire in the summer.

 20 minutes drive south brings you to the beautiful medievel walled town of Obidos,  which hosts activities throughout the year including the famous Chocolate fesitival - 17 March 2011- 7th April 2011 and the famous  Medieval festival usually held in August.

 Why not get in touch with your spiritual side -  an hours drive  north brings you to  the Holy town of Fatima, a world famous  pilgramage centre, visit the beautiful Basilica and the Aparition Chapel.   If you manage to get a seat in the Aparition Chapel on a beautiful da    Then look at Tomar - famous for being the historical home of the Knights of the Templar - wow - you will want to go back!

Listed in the top 10 places to visit is the famous Alcobaca and Batalha historical towns.    By the way, Sao Martinho is excellently located for you to visit at least 5 of the top 10!  -  see below!

 I would highly recommend a day trip to Lisbon.   





Praia d'el Rei is a lovely course with fabulous views, Bom Successo also hugely popular and well laid out with amazing views, and now the new Royal Obidos course with outstanding views!   Still not satisfied, try Campo Real or head down to Lisbon and play Penha Longa - whatever type of golfer you are - you will find a course you like.


 Sao Martinho do Porto is a really gorgeous holiday region - all year round - if you decide not to book now - keep it in mind for another time  - there are great value flights and this is a great value holiday location - the cheapest in Europe!!    Its easy to get to from Lisbon airport and you are in the centre of Portugals fabulous Silver Coast region.

There are many places to visit – Sao Martinho itself is a beautiful location packed with bars and restaurants, shops, outdoor morning market for all your fresh food.  A hugely popular holiday destination for the Portuguese.   You will love it! 

A visit to Nazare must be on your list – this is a massive bustling seaside town just a 15 minute drive up the road.   Park on the seafront then head for the cliffs.     Take the vehicular train up the mountain to its little cousin town O Sitio.  This is beautiful spot with great views over Nazare, also good place for gift shopping – this is a lovely day out.  You can drive up to it and also takes you to the new Norpark Family Water Park.

FADO nights

If you get a chance why not look for the local Fado.   This is where traditional Portuguese  singers sing old folklore songs of their childhood, written by Portuguese immigrants in different lands, about the country they love and missed.

Sao Martinho is not only fabulous in the summer but gorgeous also in the winter!    Christmas and New Year at this wonderful destination will amaze you.


 We want to provide you with a home from home feeling  so that you can have the adventure of exploring a wonderful destination with all the comforts of home.  We look forward to introducing  you to this beautiful  seaside fishing town.


There are many places to visit – Sao Martinho itself is a beautiful location packed with bars and restaurants, shops, outdoor morning market for all your fresh food.  

Nazare must be on your list – this is a massive bustling seaside town.   Park on the seafront then head for the cliffs.    

Take the vehicular train up the mountain to its little cousin town O Sitio.  This is beautiful spot with great views over Nazare, also good place for gift shopping – this is a lovely day out.

Another great location is Obidos – a famous medieval Castle which springs to life once you walk through the entrance.   This is an amazing place with shops, restaurants and a beautiful walk around the castle walls giving you amazing views over the region.  Obidos is one of the most popular places to visit in Portugal.  


Lisbon is an amazing city and only one hour on the bus!  The tour buses and trams are great for exploring.  The famous Elevator is really good, make sure you go to the top and see this view of Lisbon:


Fatima is one hours drive north and is visited by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year.  It is a beautiful place to visit.  Mass is held daily in all three of the main churches,  with regular Masses in English - it is lovely and a place we head for when its not so sunny!

You are then not far from Tomar which is another fantastic place to visit – this is one you will come back to!   Tomar is historically linked to the famous Knights of the Templar - BUT do some research on the place before you go - so you know where to go!!!!  


Peniche and Baleal are famous for its surf, most watersports are within your reach, the Obidos Lagoa is a safe beach for families, whilst further into the Lagoa there is a Watersports Bar where you can have lessons, hire equipment, obtain information to do what you want to do!

This is truly a place you will want to return to.




Top 10 PLACES to visit in Portugal



  1. LISBON - Portugal - Evora's Roman temple
    The seductive capital
  2. SINTRA -
    Enchanting fairytale town
  3. EVORA -
    A museum-town
  4. OBIDOS -
    A medieval storybook
  5. PORTO -
    A majestic port city
    World Heritage architecture
  7. TOMAR -
    Home of the knights
  8. LAGOS to SAGRES -
    The waters at end of the world
  9. MARVÃO -
    A spectacular site, a spectacular sight
  10. BRAGA -
    The Baroque City



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